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Movable floor swimming pools
where technology and beauty meet

Akvo Spiralift lets condo, mix-use, rental and hotel managers equip their properties with a valuable multipurpose space combining the flexibility of a variable-depth commercial pool and fully usable floor space.

Our movable floors let you offer your clients or guests a pool space they’ll love, featuring great looks and cutting edge technology ideally suited to their lifestyles and needs.
Akvo Benefits
More Space
Move the floor to the lowered position and the pool is ready for action. With the floor fully raised, the pool disappears. Akvo Spiralift lets you recover precious floor space for other purposes so that you can maximize use of your entire facility when the pool isn’t needed.
More Use
In minutes, Akvo Spiralift transforms your pool area into a multipurpose activity center that adapts to your clients’ events and needs, blending perfectly with your facility’s environment.
More value
Akvo Spiralift enhances the value of your property and your pool investment, providing a facility that outperforms the competition in terms of flexibility and the ability to host a wide variety of aquatic activities.
More Safety
The movable floor lets you control water depth, enhancing safety for children or guests. And in the floor or patio position, Akvo Spiralift prevents anyone from accessing the pool when it’s unsupervised or not in use.
More Savings
In the raised position, your Akvo Spiralift movable floor limits swimming pool heat loss and water loss through evaporation. By limiting the amount of treated water you have to add and reducing demands on your pool’s filtration system and heat pump, that all adds up to extra savings for you.

How it works

With the Akvo Spiralift secure access control, a touch of a button is all it takes to transform your pool into a patio, and back into a pool, depending on your user presets—all in a matter of minutes.

Easy-to-configure Akvo Spiralift is suitable for any pool shape and requires up to 50% less vertical space than competing solutions. It can be used over deep and shallow sections alike and requires no pool shell modifications, no waterproof recess for the motor, and no floor locking system.