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The flex-space solution for the best of both worlds

Space is a luxury—and Spiralift technology brings it home to you. With a movable pool floor, you can reconfigure your home environment exactly as you please, transforming your pool into additional patio or floor space and back again in just minutes! Dare to turn your dreams into reality today.Our innovative Akvo Spiralift movable floor solution is a great way to create a multipurpose pool and living space ideally suited to modern living. What’s more, the mobile floor accommodates a wide range of architectural finishes to perfectly match your indoor or outdoor environment.
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Akvo Benefits
More Space
With your movable floor lowered, the pool is ready for action. With the floor fully raised, the pool is out of sight. In minutes, Akvo Spiralift lets you regain precious space for your everyday use and enjoyment.
More Safety
The movable floor lets you control water depth and enhance safety for your children or guests. And when raised to the floor or patio position, Akvo Spiralift prevents anyone from accessing the pool when it’s unsupervised or not in use.
More Use
A wading pool, a swimming pool, a patio… With Akvo Spiralift, you adjust your pool floor to the desired height, turning your pool into a multipurpose space that adapts to your home environment and needs with a simple touch of the controls.
More value
Imagine a pool that you can “put away” when you don’t need it. Akvo Spiralift enhances the value of your home by providing you with a multipurpose pool that converts into extra patio or floor space for everyday needs and special occasions.
More Savings
In the raised position, your Akvo Spiralift movable floor limits swimming pool heat loss and water loss through evaporation. By limiting the amount of treated water you have to add and reducing demands on your pool’s filtration system and heat pump, that adds up to extra savings for you.
Less Maintenance
Your Akvo Spiralift movable floor helps cut down on maintenance by reducing dust contamination and protecting your pool against the elements.
More Possibilities
Our Spiralift technology is compatible with a wide range of flooring materials that harmonize perfectly with your decor, including rot-resistant wood, ceramic tile, and hard stone. Thanks to its superior load capacity, Akvo Spiralift is a highly flexible solution.
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How it works

Cutting-edge technology for your movable floors
With the Akvo Spiralift secure access control, a touch of a button is all it takes to transform your pool into a patio, and back into a pool, depending on your user presets—all in a matter of minutes.Easy-to-configure Akvo Spiralift is suitable for any pool geometry and requires up to 50% less vertical space than competing solutions. It can be used in deep and shallow sections alike and requires no pool shell modifications, no waterproof recess for the motor, and no floor locking system.