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Multiply your options with a movable floor

Akvo Spiralift provides communities, schools, national training centers, and competition facilities with movable pool floor solutions that meet all international rules and standards.

Akvo Spiralift lets you offer a host of aquatic activities to meet a wide range of different user needs.

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Akvo Benefits
More Safety
Akvo Spiralift movable floor lets you control water depth and adapt your pool to suit user needs and abilities, enhancing safety for beginners and for swimmers with reduced mobility.
More Use
By letting you adjust water depth as desired, Akvo Spiralift transforms your pool into a multipurpose facility that can serve a wide variety of users (kids, adults, teens, seniors, the mobility impaired).
More value
Maximize facility use by accommodating users of all ages and ability levels—from tiny tots to adults. With Akvo Spiralift, the pool adapts to the user, not the other way around!

How it works

With its high load capacity and a compact retracted height of as little as 50 cm, the Akvo Spiralift offers a custom-tailored, integrated solution to meet all your movable pool floor needs.

The easily configured Akvo Spiralift works with any pool shape and requires up to 50% less vertical space than competing solutions. It can be used in deep and shallow sections alike and requires no pool shell modifications, no waterproof recess for the motor, and no floor locking system.