Complete Flexibility to Meet Changing Needs

Offer your clients and guests a pool they will love, featuring AKVO’s cutting-edge technology to suit all their needs and activities. Without disrupting day-to-day operations, this invisible system operates out of sight, lifting and lowering the entire floor of your hotel or residential complex pool in a matter of minutes at the touch of a button. Imagine a shallow pool for young swimmers at 2 pm, a full-depth pool at 4 pm, a banquet at 6 pm and a dance floor at 10 pm… Give your space a full range of entertainment choices!


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Adds Commercial Value

With an AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor, save on land and building materials by allowing the same surface area to achieve multiple functions. Lower the floor and the pool is ready for action. Raise it up to ground level and the pool disappears completely. Thanks to a system that is silent and entirely out of sight, the floor blends in with any architectural environment, letting you recover your facility's precious space.

Installing AKVO’s variable-depth pool in a condo complex meets the changing needs of residents and attracts potential buyers. In hotels, this allows owners to target a larger clientele and maximizes profits through the addition of lucrative new uses by creating space for a restaurant, lounge, snack bar or nightclub. Create a positive return on your pool investment by multiplying the possibilities without doubling floor space.

Transforms into a secure space

With an AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor, create a safe and comfortable environment for all your hotel or residential complex guests, from children to seniors to novice and expert swimmers alike. In its raised position, the movable floor prevents anyone from accessing the pool when unsupervised or not in use.

Reduces costs and cleaning time

The AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor acts just like a pool cover, reducing water evaporation during the day and heat loss at night and protects your pool from harsh weather and debris. Cut down on your pool operating costs with fewer water top-ups and minimized use of filtration, water treatment and temperature management systems.

Different by design

Rather than cables and buoyancy structures, the AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor uses a series of extremely compact lifts to perform silent and reliable pool transformations.

Why Akvo?

Next generation technology

Beneath an AKVO movable pool floor is a powerful mechanical technology: the Spiralift®.

The Technology

AKVO Spiralift has installed pool floor solutions worldwide

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