Akvo Key Projects

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Hotel Dream Hollywood, Hollywood (CA), USA

The Akvo movable pool floor at the Dream Hotel in Hollywood has turned the rooftop pool into a money-making amenity.

Patrons enjoy the pool in the daytime. In the evening, the pool can be closed at the push of a button. By recuperating the valuable square footage on the rooftop, the hotel can host guests, throw parties and organize private events. Because there is no open pool, the space is safe for patrons to enjoy. Commercial loading capacity 250kg/m² (51 lbs/sq.ft) means there are no restrictions to usage of the space.

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Fendi Château Residences, Surfside Beach (FL), USA

This residential complex features an Akvo movable pool floor with optimized structure to handle a standard commercial loading capacity of 250kg/m² (51 lbs/sq.ft).

Complex residents can enjoy the pool without sacrificing their common space, used for entertainment, receptions and events.

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Trump Int’l Hotel & Tower, Vancouver (BC), Canada

Hotel management saw the value Akvo’s movable pool floor system could bring to a space. The hotel can offer guests a space to enjoy aquatic activities or a high-end lounge, all within the same space. A perfect way to optimize on hotel amenities!

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