In the esperanto language
Akvo means “water”

The ideal solution for your movable pool floor

Akvo Spiralift uses Spiralift technology to provide pool designers and builders with a high-load-capacity solution for variable height movable pool floors so they can create multipurpose pools adapted to every kind of aquatic activity. Akvo Spiralift offers a durable, high-quality, low-maintenance lifting solution ideally suited for movable floor pools of any size and type (residential, commercial, or public). Akvo Spiralift can be installed in public, institutional and therapeutic pools as well as hotel and residential pools.

movable pool floormovable pool floormovable pool floor

Our Approach

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your movable floor project results in the kind of swimming pool you seek for relaxation and aquatic activities.

Our Partners

We work directly with pool builders, architects, designers and contractors to ensure you have access to the best technology and techniques for your pool and its Akvo Spiralift movable floor.