Thanks to the versatile nature of Akvo’s movable pool floor design, there are no restrictions to dictate the overall dimensions of a pool. Akvo offers a fully scalable solution that allows owners/architects to select a pool that fits perfectly within their space. The drive and structure of an Akvo movable pool floor are designed to fit each project’s unique size requirements. This makes each movable pool floor 100% custom.

An Akvo movable pool floor can be adapted to fit a basin of any shape or size. Each Akvo movable pool floor is custom designed to meet the client’s needs. To date, Akvo has installed L-shaped pools, trapezoidal pools, lazy rivers, islands and more – pool shapes are endless.

With over 30,000 Spiralift units installed in more than 65 countries, the technology has proven to be a preferred solution in various applications (pool, theatre, automotive and industrial). Akvo is familiar with local norms and building codes throughout the world with solutions already installed in commercial and residential sites in Canada, the United States, Mexico, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia, Qatar, Jordan, Hong Kong and Japan.
Akvo operates via local partners in the following countries:
Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong
Regardless of project location, please contact Akvo Spiralift for all information regarding movable pool floor products.

Akvo movable pool floors are designed based on the floor finish supplied by clients. Structural and drive capacities can be scaled up to accommodate heavier finishes and scaled down for lighter finishes. There are no restrictions on finish, but typical materials include porcelain tile, natural stone, composite wood decking and water-resistant wood (e.g., Ipe).

Yes, there are two main options for split-depth pools.
In one instance, two fully independent pool floors can be installed in the same basin allowing users to independently change the depth of each section. This option is often used when clients wish to open a portion of the pool while keeping the other fully closed, granting users additional deck space. Note that multiple floors can be installed to achieve a pool with as many configurable depths as desired.

Alternatively, a Baja Shelf can be installed, allowing users to achieve a terraced floor. As the Baja Shelf is linked to the same driving mechanism as the main floor, the Baja Shelf will lower synchronously with the main floor until it reaches a predetermined height, at which it will stop.

Note that these systems can be installed within the same pool, and steps can be integrated for easy transitions between one level and the next.

Akvo offers the following accessories for its movable pool floors:
Pool Stairs – Typical options include full pool width, square-shaped with wrap-around steps, corner stairs with diagonal steps, and alcove steps.

Spa/Hot Tub – Can be joined to the main basin or completely detached from the pool.
Bench – Can be placed along the pool walls for in-water seating.
Island – Permanent or movable islands can be integrated into a movable pool floor.
Baja Shelf – Standard solution for achieving a terraced floor with a single drive system.
Bridge/Separator – Can be integrated for extra deck space or to accommodate different pool activities on either side.
Note that many of these accessories can be opened or closed independently or synchronously with the main pool floor based on the drive options selected.

These solutions are all designed and custom built to fit virtually any project scenario.

Yes, the operator can jog the floor up or down to reach any position within the lift’s normal range of travel, although for practical reasons, Akvo’s controls usually feature a selection of pre-set depths. Commercial applications may be limited to full depth or deck level per local regulations.

Akvo movable pool floors are designed to support 200-600 kg/m2 (40-125 lb/ft2), while conventional pool covers are not rated to withstand any loading. Floor capacity is determined on a project-to-project basis depending on local building codes and project-specific occupancy requirements.

Simply put, an Akvo movable pool floor provides all the benefits of a pool cover (evaporation control, temperature control, safety, etc.) while also creating a functional space above the water when the pool is closed.

Akvo movable pool floors retain full load capacity at all depth levels. Unlike other movable pool floor technologies, the Akvo system does not require manual installation of legs, pins or other temporary supports to achieve maximum load capacity, providing complete stability at any depth.

For safety reasons, the standard Akvo movable pool floor is not designed to lift people or material.
In special cases, however, additional safety features may be added to allow users with accessibility limitations to ride the lift.
Contact Akvo Spiralift for more details.

Unlike other movable pool floor technologies, Akvo does not use cables, buoyancy tanks, hydraulics or scissors in its designs. These components, which often have performance and maintenance limitations, have been replaced with the Spiralift, a simple yet reliable lifting actuator.

Submerged Spiralift units operate in silence underneath the pool floor, raising and lowering the floor platform at the push of a button. The Spiralift units are mechanically synchronized via driving shafts linked to an external motor, normally located in a “dry room” adjacent to the pool.

For the safety of both users and operators, Akvo’s movable pool floor is designed with electronic and mechanical redundancy. Multiple built-in safeties ensure its secure operation in all situations.

The Spiralift is a compact lifting actuator made of two stainless steel bands which form a rigid column capable of supporting substantial loads.
The newest IL150 Spiralift model, built with 316L Stainless Steel, was conceived to be fully submersible specifically for Akvo’s movable pool floors.

Column Diameter 150 mm 6’’
Maximum Lifting Capacity 1350 daN 3000 lbf
Maximum Static Capacity 4000 daN 9000 lbf
Maximum Travel 3 m * 10 ft *
Maximum Speed 300 mm/min 12 in/min
Closed height for 3m travel 425 mm 17 inches

* In special cases, the Spiralift may be modified to exceed the typical 3 m maximum travel. Contact Akvo Spiralift for more details.

The closed height of a movable pool floor corresponds to the extra pool depth required to accommodate the floor structure and equipment. The closed height is dependent on the thickness of the structure and floor finish, but usually ranges from 500-600 mm (20-24 inches).

Akvo’s movable pool floor structures are manufactured using recommended Type 316 Stainless Steel components and hardware. However, Type 304 Stainless Steel is available by special request.
Certain Akvo pool floor components may be made of plastic or composite; all selected materials have been certified safe for pool use.

The water remains in the pool. The floor is installed in a sealed pool shell. As it moves up and down, pool water flows above and below the platform through the small gap along the floor’s perimeter.
There is no need to empty the pool before a floor movement and there is no risk of the pool overflowing.

The external motor must be located in a dry room adjacent to the basin. The motor is connected to a watertight coupling device that transfers torque directly to driving shafts in the pool.

Note that the dry room location has an impact on the overall drive design. Akvo always works with clients and architects to find an optimal dry room location and drive solution.

Akvo’s movable pool floor system is relatively low maintenance, especially when compared to alternative technologies on the market that require cable calibration, hydraulic fluid top-ups or regular leveling of the floor.
The only maintenance required on an Akvo movable pool floor is the yearly replacement of grease cartridges. Each Spiralift unit is actively lubricated with food grade grease (NSF H1 certified) via a pressurized cartridge. To replace these units, a certified operator lifts the movable pool floor to its Maintenance Position (lifting the floor above the deck, granting access to the underfloor). In this position, the cartridges mounted to the perimeter of the platform’s structure can easily be switched out by hand.

This simple maintenance process does not require owners to empty the pool nor does it require them to hire divers to perform the work.

In addition to regular maintenance, a visual check-up of the system is recommended once every 5 years.

Price is dependent on factors such as size, shape, accessories, and load capacity. Akvo’s floors are custom designed to meet each project’s unique requirements. Please contact Akvo Spiralift for a personalized quote.

Getting Akvo involved at an early stage, before pool and site design are initiated, benefits all parties. Akvo is accustomed to working with architects and pool builders to optimize overall pool design.

The pool basin should be designed to accommodate a movable pool floor that meets all the client’s requirements. Its design is even more critical in the case of sophisticated pool layouts or pools with multiple movable floors or accessories (steps, benches, etc.).

It is also recommended that clients seek Akvo’s help to select a location for the pool’s dry room. Note that the dry room location may influence the overall site design.

Due to the specialized nature of Akvo’s equipment, all projects must be installed by qualified technicians. Akvo’s team has installed movable pool floors locally and internationally. Also, Akvo has certified partners that handle all installations in their respective regions (refer to Contact for listing).

Transformation time is dependent on pool depth.
The typical speed of a movable pool floor is 100-300 mm/min (4-12 in/min). Speed is limited by the movement of water through floor gaps during the transformation.
In certain cases, higher speeds are achievable. Contact Akvo Spiralift for more information.

Once the movable pool floor is installed, maximum pool depth is generally 3 m (10 ft) or less.
Please contact Akvo Spiralift for deeper applications.

Akvo’s equipment is safe for use with chlorine, ozone and UV filtration systems.
Saltwater filtration systems are not appropriate for use with Akvo floors as they pose a risk for corrosion of the mechanical components.

For questions about compatible filtration systems, please contact Akvo Spiralift.

No, clients can select their preferred local pool builders to build the pool basin. Akvo will guide and support the pool builder throughout the design, fabrication and installation stages.