Different By Design

AKVO has developed movable pool floor solutions that perform silent and reliable pool conversions using patented Spiralift® technology. This technology has proven to be a preferred solution in many sectors, such as the performing arts and the aerospace and automotive industries, with 30 000 units installed in 65 countries

How AKVO’s Spiralift technology compares to cable-based technologies ?

For years, the typical method of driving pool floors has been based on hydraulically controlled cables. Pool transformation systems have used cables fixed to the pool’s edges to lift a weighted floor structure or cables placed at the bottom of the pool to lower a buoyant floor. In the latter case, cables hold the submerged floor in place and are released or retracted to reach predetermined locked positions.

Even when carefully designed and constructed, cable-based systems still come with major drawbacks. Due to their mechanical properties, loaded cables stretch over time, thereby requiring frequent tension adjustments to maintain a level floor. This phenomenon is amplified when loading on the platform is not equally distributed (e.g. designs with integrated retractable in-pool stairs or benches).

The technology using cables fixed to the pool’s edges has a major aesthetic shortcoming – visible cables at all times – and creates possible entrapment points. The technology also restricts pool geometry, as maximum pool width is limited. The alternative option, the buoyant floor cable system, typically requires gross pool shell depth to be increased by 700-900mm (28″-36″) in order to store floatation tanks and mechanical components below the floating floor structure.

As a design standard, these two cable systems can withstand loads from 50kg/m² to 250kg/m², well below commercial requirements of 500kg/m². They may be designed to carry heavier loads, but this has the adverse effect of increasing the structure’s total weight. To compensate for the additional load, significantly larger support beams and a larger flotation volume are required, creating higher cable tension and requiring a deeper pit. Further, the configurational flexibility required for certain split-depth pools – where dedicated areas within a water installation can be adapted to reach different depth levels – is often difficult, if not impossible to achieve with conventional cable systems.

Overall, cable-based technologies impose significant restrictions on pool design, especially in the case of projects with non-standard size or load requirements and in modular projects with multiple independent platforms.


Opening Up Custom Pool Design Possibilities


Adapts to fit unique pool dimensions, geometry, finishes and loading requirements without sacrificing pool depth.

Optimized structure

Multiple Spiralift units allow for optimized structure design by using the maximum allowed span for any configuration.

Accessory friendly

Complies with any load distribution pattern across water installations to accommodate a full range of accessories, such as stairs, benches, Baja shelves, etc.

Low maintenance

Relies on mechanical lifts which keep the platform level at all times, unlike cable systems which require periodic adjustments due to cable stretching.

Configurational flexibility

Accommodates any configuration of independent platforms to achieve varied depths within a water installation.

Uncompromised aesthetics

Blends in perfectly with surroundings. All mechanical components are hidden below the pool floor and there are no restrictions on finishing material (stone, tile, composite, etc.), regardless of the required loading.

Rather than cables and buoyancy structures, the AKVO Spiralift system uses a series of extremely compact, yet powerful actuators – Spiralift units– to raise an entire pool floor to any desired water depth. With its multiple support points beneath the floor, the system can be adapted to any pool shape, size or capacity as well as any architectural environment. When it comes to pool design, many architectural firms, pool builders, residential owners and commercial clients have embraced AKVO Spiralift’s versatility. Long-standing engineering design challenges associated with modular or large-sized pool projects are now easily overcome. This is made possible by providing scalable and flexible movable pool floor solutions without jeopardizing structural stability or aesthetics.

AKVO, the Ideal Partner

Unlocking a new world of pool design possibilities, over the years, AKVO Spiralift has installed movable pool floor solutions in commercial and residential sites all over the world, including in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Russia, Qatar, Jordan, Hong Kong, Japan, Bahamas, Australia, Germany, China, Belgium, Denmark and Seychelles. Meanwhile, it has gained incredible experience and insight into the movable pool floor market and has become the leading North American design and manufacturing specialist in robust, fully customizable movable pool floor solutions.