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With AKVO Spiralift, reconfigure your living space or backyard at the touch of a button! It’s a pool when you need it, one whose depth can be adjusted on demand to allow for different aquatic activities and enhance users’ safety.

It’s a patio when the time is right, ready to be set up for dining and playing. In addition, the AKVO Spiralift movable floor acts as a pool cover, reducing evaporation during the day and heat loss at night, cutting down cleaning time and operation costs.


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Creates one space that serves multiple functions

A deep swimming pool in the morning, a paddling pool for younger children or a mid-depth pool for exercise and water games in the afternoon, a terrace for entertaining friends in the evening… With an AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor, your pool area transforms seamlessly from one function to another in a matter of minutes. Simply adjust the floor’s height to the optimum water depth. Have complete flexibility to suit your needs and activities!

Blends in perfectly with surroundings

The AKVO Spiralift technology respects the existing architectural integrity of your space: everything happens under the water, beneath the floor, where totally hidden drive mechanisms operate silently. Thanks to its superior load capacity and sturdy design, the system has no restrictions on floor finishing material (stone, tile, composite, and more). Most importantly, it makes your movable deck floor look and feel exactly like a permanent one!

Transforms into a safe space

With AKVO Spiralift, enjoy the peace of mind of increased security! The system allows you to create safe spaces for all users, from children to seniors to novice swimmers, by adjusting the height of the pool floor on demand. Raised up to ground level, it prevents anyone from accessing the pool when unsupervised or not in use.

Makes the most of limited space

Finding the space to build a pool can sometimes be a challenge. Save on building materials and land with an AKVO Spiralift movable floor by using the same surface area to achieve multiple functions. Your pool disappears completely when not in use, instantly doubling your living space and adding significant value to your property.

Adapts to pools of any shape, size and finish

AKVO Spiralift’s movable pool floor meets the technical challenges of the most prestigious projects. It works with pools of unique geometry and dimensions and easily accommodates complementary accessories: large footprint pools, small spas, freeform or geometrically-shaped pools can be fitted with multiple independent platforms, retractable stairs, benches, a wet bar or Baja shelves. The system is compatible with a wide range of flooring materials that blend perfectly with any decor, including rot-resistant wood, ceramic tile and hard stone, regardless of the required loading. AKVO Spiralift offers you countless personalized options!

Different by design

Rather than cables and buoyancy structures, the AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor uses a series of extremely compact lifts to perform silent and reliable pool transformations.

Why Akvo?

Next generation technology

Beneath an AKVO movable pool floor is a powerful mechanical technology: the Spiralift®.

The Technology

AKVO Spiralift has installed pool floor solutions worldwide

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