Next Generation Technology:
Submersible Spiralift®

Beneath an AKVO movable pool floor is a powerful mechanical technology: the Spiralift®. Originally designed for orchestra lifts in the 70s, this extremely compact actuator has since been used in a wide variety of targeted applications, resulting in over 30,000 units in operation throughout the world.

Now adapted for aquatic environments, it allows the height of a pool floor to be adjusted on demand, in just minutes and at the touch of a button.The Spiralift technology has dramatically expanded the flexibility of pool conversion systems through enhanced load capacity compared to other technologies, while minimizing footprint and putting an end to routine levelling maintenance operations.


Distinctive characteristics of the Spiralift technology


How does the Spiralift work?

The Spiralift is a compact lifting actuator made of two stainless steel bands which form a rigid column capable of supporting substantial loads. The newest IL150 Spiralift model, built with 316L Stainless Steel, was conceived to be fully submersible specifically for Akvo’s movable pool floors.


Design advantages


Opening Up Custom Pool Design Possibilities

When it comes to pool design, many architectural firms, pool builders, residential owners and commercial clients have embraced the versatility offered by AKVO’s solutions. Long-standing engineering design challenges, such as modular or large-sized pool projects, are now easily overcome without jeopardizing structural stability or aesthetics. This is made possible by the scalable and flexible nature of AKVO’s Spiralift.