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Akvo Spiralift Lifter

  • 150 mm diam. I-LockTM lifting column
  • 100% 316 L stainless steel components
  • Lift column travel: Up to 3 m
  • Speed: up to 0.3 m/min
  • Static capacity: 4 000 kg
  • Dynamic capacity: 1 350 kg
spiralift technology

Akvo design

Akvo Spiralift meets architectural plan requirements so your pool can be used as you wish.Akvo Spiralift accommodates pools up to 3 meters deep of any size and shape, regular or irregular, and with or without in-pool stairs. Floors may be finished in your choice of wood, ceramic, or hard stone.

Akvo Spiralift uses durable and robust superior-quality components with a proven track record to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Akvo Support
Project Support
Our experts work with you, your designer, architect and pool builder throughout the design and construction process, monitoring your project and keeping in touch through simple and effective communications.
Solution Support
Along with our pledge to deliver top-quality solutions adapted to your needs, we are also committed to partner and provide installation and maintenance training to your local pool builder and/or service provider during and after installation.