Movable Pool Floors

Pool transformation entails raising and lowering the floor to achieve varied depths within a swimming pool. This expands the range of possible aquatic activities and provides a flat-floor space when the pool is not in use. In recent years, it has become widely recognized as an efficient way to solve both space and safety issues.


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Unlike other movable pool floor systems, AKVO does not rely on cables, buoyancy tanks, hydraulics or scissors, which are often associated with performance, maintenance and pool design limitations.

These components have been replaced with Spiralift units, simple yet reliable and powerful lifting actuators. Thanks to their inherent characteristics, AKVO’s movable floors adjust to any depth, meet all commercial standards for load requirements, fit unique pool dimensions, geometry and finishes, and blend in perfectly with surroundings.



How does an AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor work?


Multiple submerged Spiralift units operate in silence underneath the pool floor to perform transformations within 15 minutes, at the touch of a button. They are mechanically synchronized via driveshafts linked to an external motor, normally located in a “dry room” adjacent to the pool. For the safety of both users and operators, AKVO‘s movable pool floors are designed with electronic and mechanical redundancy. Multiple built-in safeties ensure its secure operation in all situations.