24 août, 2023

SPLASH! Issue 147 April/May 2023 SR SMITH’S ARTICLE

Talk about making waves in the industry – we couldn’t be more thrilled about our feature in Australia’s SPLASH magazine!

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5 juin, 2023

More than 100 projects completed around the world

Celebrating a major AKVO milestone
98, 99 … 100, and beyond!

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12 janvier, 2023

A crown jewel in Qatar

This Middle Eastern country had its moment in the sun last November and December while the FIFA World Cup unfolded on its soil. We’re talking about Qatar: home to one of our favourite AKVO Spiralift® projects to date, created in collaboration with UNIKPOOLS. This 15-metre-long pool’s standout feature is its intricate porcelain-tiled floor, designed with […]

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7 décembre, 2022

A breathtaking project on a remote island

Can you guess which one? A thousand miles offshore in the Western Indian Ocean, you’ll find the Seychelles: a chain of exotic islands known for their granite mountains and white sands. To the West is Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania. To the South, Madagascar. And to the East, an endless expanse of ocean. Zoom in far […]

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30 juin, 2022


Since 2018, Akvo’s Spiralift technology has been used to power more than 20 movable pool floor projects across Germany. None of this would have been possible without our partner Bodan Schwimmbadbau, a former German ship builder (est. 1919) that has since expanded into stainless-steel swimming pool construction and movable pool floor integration. Together, we have […]

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24 février, 2022

Life on the Edge

When you live in a city that’s as dense as Hong Kong, personal space is the greatest luxury of all. Doubly so if you’re fortunate enough to have your own private hideaway, tucked up and away from the bustle of urban living. In partnership with local developer China Overseas Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Limited (COMEL), […]

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20 décembre, 2021

S.R.Smith Wins Big Down Under

There’s something new under the sun (hint: it’s an outdoor pool in one of the warmest destinations in the southern hemisphere!). This month, we’re spotlighting Australia’s Ashfield Aquatic Centre, a community space that chose Akvo Spiralift to assist in expanding their flexibility beyond measure.  Originally constructed for the 1956 Olympic Games, the AAC is thriving […]

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7 octobre, 2021

A multi-use outdoor space that’s fit for a passionate host

At a gorgeous mountain home in northeast Mexico, you’ll find one of Akvo’s most recent executions: a fabulous open-air sanctuary made for dips, dinners, and drinks.

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23 septembre, 2021

Replacing Obsolete Movable Pool Floors with Akvo’s Cutting Edge Technology

Although movable pool floor technology has evolved significantly in recent years, the concept is nothing new. In fact, the flexibility, versatility, and safety offered by these systems have been recognized and embraced by public facilities for decades.

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23 septembre, 2021

Our first-ever Japanese installation: a serene oasis in an urban jungle

As Japan’s most densely populated prefecture, Tokyo is no stranger to creative design solutions for compact living spaces. In partnership with Niccon Pools, Akvo Spiralift recently unveiled its first movable pool floor for a Japanese client.

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23 septembre, 2021

Top of the Class – Two New Movable Pool Floors for School & Community Aquatic Centre

A public pool is more than just a place to splash around: it’s a community space that must cater to a wide range of swimmers and activities, often at the same time. Read more

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1 juillet, 2021


Although AKVO Spiralift is a relatively new player in the world of public movable pool floors, their products have already been installed in 22 public facilities.

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8 avril, 2021

AKVO Movable Pool Floor Selected Once Again for Olympic Complex

As readers may remember from the January edition of AKVO’s Flash News, Munich’s Olympia-Schwimmhalle underwent a rejuvenation project in 2019. The renovations included the addition of an AKVO movable pool floor, adding flexibility to the centre’s main 50m Olympic pool. Munich isn’t the only major city that has seen the value in increasing versatility of Olympic facilities  once Olympic Games […]

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27 janvier, 2021

Creating a Stylish, Flexible Entertainment Space in New Orleans

Since 2012, AKVO Spiralift has been meeting the technical challenges of prestigious projects throughout the world, from United Kingdom to Russia, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States.

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13 novembre, 2020

New Stunning Transformable Pools to Complement the Spectacular Views of the Mediterranean Sea – 2nd project

Last summer on the French Riviera, the outdoor living space of a second villa was redesigned to incorporate an AKVO Spiralift movable pool floors.

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21 septembre, 2020

New Stunning Transformable Pools to Complement the Spectacular Views of the Mediterranean Sea

On the south coast of France, just 5 minutes’ drive from trendy St-Tropez, lies a little-known, idyllic 110-hectare neighbourhood: Les Parcs de St-Tropez.

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23 janvier, 2020

Shaping Public Pools to Expand Activities Offered in Germany

In late 2019, AKVO Spiralift® completed two major multifunctional pool projects in Germany in quick succession. These projects were accomplished in partnership with Bodan Schwimmbadbau, a former German ship builder established in 1919 whom has since expanded business into the construction of stainless steel swimming pools. Equipped with a series of compact yet powerful lifts beneath the pool […]

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23 octobre, 2019

Disappearing Pool and Spa in Manhattan Beach – Making the Most of a Small Family Courtyard Living Space

Considered to be one of the loveliest places to live in Southern California, the tiny coastal city of Manhattan Beach is best known for its breathtaking beaches. In addition, the presence of exceptional educational institutions and recreational parks makes it an extremely sought-after community. High demand for real estate means that many homeowners face the […]

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18 juillet, 2019

Converting Hotel Pools into Sources of Income

Providing guests with an opportunity for fun and relaxation, pools have always been an integral part of the hotel experience.

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26 juin, 2019


In the last years, AKVO Spiralift provided The Fendi Chateau, and other prestigious hotels with a movable floor to reconfigure their pool.    

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29 novembre, 2018

Article d’AKVO publié dans le magazine The World of Hospitality

The World of Hospitality talks about AKVO’s Totally Disappearing Pools! An emerging trend in the hospitality industry An article published in the latest issue of The World of Hospitality, describes how transformable pools are becoming widely recognized as an efficient way to resolve space issues. When raised above the water surface, an AKVO Spiralift®  movable pool floor can transform […]

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18 octobre, 2018

Transformable Pool Technology: The Ultimate in Space-Saving Design

The AKVO Spiralift movable pool floor lets you literally walk on water by hiding your swimming pool! This fully customizable and seamless system uses a series of compact lifts to raise and lower at any depth the entire pool floor automatically…  

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18 octobre, 2018

The Disappearing Pool

In the last year, AKVO Spiralift provided the new Dream Hotel rooftoop and other prestigious hotels with a movable floor to reconfigure their terrace pool. View pdf

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22 décembre, 2017

ADJUSTABLE POOL FLOOR BY AKVO SPIRALIFT part of The Wall Street Journal’s Wish List

Nicole Alexander, interior designer at Siren Betty Design, Chicago

Founder and principal designer at Siren Betty Design, Chicago, Nicole Alexander has been creating unforgettable spaces for both commercial and residential projects since 2007.

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23 octobre, 2017

The New Dream Hollywood Hotel Pool Magically Disappears with the Push of a Button

I’m talking to Ayo Akinsete, general manager of the new Dream Hollywood hotel in Los Angeles, and he’s discussing his hotel’s…

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25 août, 2017

Emerging Trend in the Hospitality Industry

Interest for AKVO Spiralift® movable floor continues to grow! This innovative system enables your hotel …

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29 juin, 2017

Now introducing standard solutions at lower costs

At AKVO Spiralift, we appreciate the interest you have shown for our patented movable pool floor solutions.

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29 septembre, 2015

Movable pool floors on the rise

Recently, we shared information about AKVO Spiralift movable pool floors. Here is our latest information and a link to our new brochure.

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25 septembre, 2015

The Super-Cool Hidden Pool

BY LEIGH KAMPING-CARDER It is straight out of James Bond: Push a button, and the backyard patio begins to sink. Water rushes in. In less than 10 minutes, you’re staring at your secret swimming spot. Read full article in PDF

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