A crown jewel in Qatar

January 12th, 2023

This Middle Eastern country had its moment in the sun last November and December while the FIFA World Cup unfolded on its soil. We’re talking about Qatar: home to one of our favourite AKVO Spiralift® projects to date, created in collaboration with UNIKPOOLS.

This 15-metre-long pool’s standout feature is its intricate porcelain-tiled floor, designed with a mosaic of shaded swirls that unfurl from corner to corner. This private oasis is partially shaded to protect it from the blazing Qatari sun, framed by a sprawling wraparound patio that’s perfect for hosting and relaxing.

With a freshly installed pool in Dubai and another project slated for completion in Qatar this spring, AKVO is in full Middle Eastern expansion mode. We are excited to continue exploring the vast potential in this region among homeowners who are looking to curate multifunctional outdoor spaces. 

Movable Pool Floor – Private Residence in Qatar

*Pool surface: ±77 m²
*Length: ±15.35 m
*Width: ±5 m
*Travel: ±1.8 m
*Shape: rectangular
*Finish: mosaic porcelain tiles
*Filtration: skimmer
*Static loading: 250 kg/m²
*Spiralift: 8 x IL150 units
*Speed: 100 mm/min


* Maximum safety – closes the pool when not in use 
* Water depth on demand – allows for a wide range of aquatic activities
* Space-saving – a deployable patio doubles living space within the same surface area 
* Superior design – provides a high load capacity floor with a fully hidden drive mechanism
* Eco-friendly solution – minimizes evaporation and heat loss from the pool when not in use
* Reduce cleaning time – protects pool from harsh weather and debris

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