Converting Hotel Pools into Sources of Income

July 18th, 2019

Providing guests with an opportunity for fun and relaxation, pools have always been an integral part of the hotel experience. But the sacrifices made for this amenity are impossible to ignore, given that pools are typically used only a few hours a day and often occupy prime space at a hotel property. Learn how AKVO Spiralift’s technology – completing full pool transformations in 10 minutes at the touch of a button – has helped hotel owners maximize space utilization without disrupting day-to-day operations. It has proven to be an innovative solution to create new uses for pool spaces and increase possibilities for meaningful ancillary revenue.

For the Holborn Group, an international award-winning real estate developer and property manager, AKVO’s solutions give hotels extraordinary flexibility:

“One of the main innovative features in our hotel building [in Vancouver] is how the pool bar facility is designed to function as the hotel pool during the day and transform into a nightclub during the evening.”

This versatility has generated over 130 additional events per year since the movable pool floor was installed in 2016.


At the Californian Dream Hotel, the AKVO conversion system increased the rooftop venue’s capacity by about 40%. As explained by the hotel’s General Manager, this was made possible “without relying on traditional pool-coverage techniques such as tenting, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars per event while requiring a large amount of equipment, manpower, and planning. […]


The AKVO Spiralift system isn’t just a fun trick: it has the potential to be a real money-maker.”

Ayo Akinsete 
Dream Hotel General Manager

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