New Stunning Transformable Pools to Complement the Spectacular Views of the Mediterranean Sea – 2nd project

November 13th, 2020

Second project: Extended family use

Last summer on the French Riviera, the outdoor living space of a second villa was redesigned to incorporate an AKVO Spiralift movable pool floors. With construction once again entrusted to Belgian pool builder Unikpools, this pool also disappears neatly into the landscape… in mere minutes and at the touch of a button!

Extended functionality for the whole family
The driving concept for this project was to maximize available deck space all while increasing the range of aquatic activities that swimmers can enjoy. The owners of this prestigious summer villa wanted a modular terrace and a multifunctional pool. Their vision for the pool itself included an integrated swim-jet system, a built-in spa, deep and shallow depth areas for swimming or wading and a waterslide reserved for the kids. AKVO Spiralift took on the challenge by providing 6 fully independent movable pool platforms whose height can be adjusted on demand. Each platform can be lowered to a maximum depth of 2.5 m (8 ft) or closed off individually to increase deck space. Eleven different pool configurations suit the needs of the whole family!

In addition, the movable platforms act as a pool cover, reducing evaporation during the day and heat loss at night. This in turn, reduces cleaning time and operation costs.

AKVO’s smart, functional technology makes it possible for homeowners to get more out of their outdoor living space. Now, the summertime residents of this villa can enjoy the largest multipurpose residential pool ever built on the French Riviera and the most versatile movable pool floor in the world! 

Designed and installed by UNIKPOOLS

French Riviera’s second AKVO transformable pool

• Architectural firm: Labo Architecte 
• Shape and size: irregular 20 m x 8.5 m (66 ft x 28 ft)
• Usable water depth: 2.5 m (8 ft)
• Capacity: 250 kg/sq. m (50 lb/sq. ft)
• Finish: Natural Stone
• Features: Self-depositing in-pool steps and integrated spa, 4 m x 4 m (13 ft x 13 ft)
• Number of IL150 Spiralift units: 33
• Travel distance: maximum of 2.5 m (100 in)
• Speed: 100 mm/minute (4 in/minute)


* Heightened safety – close off the pool when not in use 
* Adjust water depth on demand – allows for different aquatic activities
* Save on space – retractable deck doubles usable space by reusing the same surface area 
* Superior design – completely blends in with its environment thanks to a fully hidden drive mechanism, making a sleek floor with high load capacity
* Eco-friendly solution – minimizes evaporation and heat loss
* Reduced cleaning time – protects from harsh weather, dust and debris

Effective Patented Spiralift® Technology
Transformations in minutes, at the touch of a button!