New Stunning Transformable Pools to Complement the Spectacular Views of the Mediterranean Sea

September 21st, 2020

First project: Embracing a dazzling vista

On the south coast of France, just 5 minutes’ drive from trendy St-Tropez, lies a little-known, idyllic 110-hectare neighbourhood: Les Parcs de St-Tropez. With 160 high-end dwellings dotting the exclusive estate, off-limits to non-residents, it is the only place to stay for those looking to escape the spotlight during the summer months.  

Last year, the outdoor living spaces of two of Les Parcs’ villas were redesigned to incorporate AKVO Spiralift movable pool floors. Constructed by Belgian pool builder Unikpools, known for their part in providing key equipment for large-scale aquatic shows, these two St-Tropez pools disappear neatly into the landscape… in mere minutes and at the touch of a button!

Embracing a dazzling vista

The guiding vision for this first transformable pool project was to allow homeowners to enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea at all times of day. Whether bathing in the pool or enjoying the terrace when set up for dining or leisure activities, residents and guests can enjoy the priceless view. Delivering the flexibility required for the space, AKVO Spiralift’s technology allows the pool area to be converted into a terrace and back to a pool again, silently and seamlessly. A thoughtfully considered 18 m (60 ft) long retractable pool bench became the perfect spot to sit, relax, enjoy the water and take in the view while connecting with family and friends al fresco! 

When raised up to deck level, the AKVO movable pool floor not only provides extra living space but also prevents anyone from accessing the pool when it is unsupervised. It offers homeowners the peace of mind of increased safety and increases desirability of the villa, which is rented on occasion to vacationers looking for a little slice of luxury.

This project demonstrates once again that today’s homeowners are looking to get more out of their outdoor living space. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and custom design key elements incorporated in all AKVO Spiralift products, the trend continues to grow. In our next newsletter, learn about the second transformable pool project in Les Parcs which has become the largest multipurpose pool built in the St-Tropez region and the most versatile movable pool floor in the world!

French Riviera’s first transformable pool

* Architectural firm: Libre Architecture Concept 
* Shape and size: rectangular 19 m x 4.3 m (62 ft x 15 ft)
* Usable water depth: 1.5 m (5 ft)
* Capacity: 250 kg/sq. m (50 lb/ sq. ft)
* Finish: Natural Stone
* Accessories: Self-depositing in-pool steps and retractable full length bench (18 m / 60 ft) 
* Number of IL150 Spiralift units: 12
* Travel distance: 1.5 m (60 in)
* Speed: 100 mm/minute (4 in/minute)


* Heightened safety – close off the pool when not in use 
* Adjust water depth on demand – allows for different aquatic activities
* Save on space – retractable deck doubles usable space by reusing the same surface area 
* Superior design – completely blends in with its environment thanks to a fully hidden drive mechanism, making a sleek floor with high load capacity
* Eco-friendly solution – minimizes evaporation and heat loss
* Reduced cleaning time – protects from harsh weather, dust and debris

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