S.R.Smith Wins Big Down Under

December 20th, 2021

There’s something new under the sun (hint: it’s an outdoor pool in one of the warmest destinations in the southern hemisphere!). This month, we’re spotlighting Australia’s Ashfield Aquatic Centre, a community space that chose Akvo Spiralift to assist in expanding their flexibility beyond measure. 

Originally constructed for the 1956 Olympic Games, the AAC is thriving as a cultural cornerstone and training ground for future champions. In October 2020, the facility unveiled the results of a massive revamp, including a water polo pool equipped with a movable pool floor powered by Akvo’s Spiralift technology. This project was undertaken by local partner S.R.Smith, a world leader in pool equipment manufacturing.

Public pools are required to meet incredibly diverse needs. In a given day, these facilities may need to accommodate swimming lessons, aquatic sports, lane swim, and more, all of which require different configurations.

With the ACC’s state-of-the-art pool up and running, S.R.Smith brought home three 2021 Awards of Excellence from Australia’s Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA). These annual awards are the most prestigious in the industry, showcasing the best, boldest, and most creative achievements in construction, design, manufacturing, supply, products, retail, and service.

Among S.R.Smith‘s three designations, “Most Innovative Project,” was won in both the Regional and National categories. These first two wins directly related to the work completed to make the AAC’s space adaptable, modular, and welcoming to all swimmers thanks to the new Akvo Spiralift movable pool floor.

The third award recognized the S.R.Smith’s movable swim walls in the National category – and while Akvo can’t take credit for that installation, it does point to versatility becoming an increasingly sought-after feature for pools and aquatic centers.

This is a shift that is being heard around the world: the concept of building flexible aquatic spaces (or retrofitting old pools to enhance versatility) is beginning to drive a lot of interest from big players internationally, from architects and municipalities to private or community facilities. 

Movable pool floors allow for unparalleled agility, giving aquatic centres the ability to reconfigure all or part of their pool’s footprint within minutes – and who wouldn’t want to offer the most tailored leisure experience for their visitors?

Outdoor Public Pool – Ashfield Aquatic Centre, New South Wales, Australia

* Shape and Size: rectangular, 34 m (112 ft) x 20 m (66 ft)
* Total Floor Area: 680 sq. m (7,320 sq. ft)
* Usable water depth: 2.1 m (83 in)
* Travel distance: 2.1 m (83 in)
* Speed: 300 mm/min (12 in/min)
* Capacity: 65 kg/sq. m (13 lb/sq. ft)
* Type: Overflow
* Finish: Perforated anti-slip GPM paneling with embedded lane lines
* Number of Spiralift units: 24 x IL150


* Maximum safety – closes the pool when not in use 
* Water depth on demand – allows for a wide range of aquatic activities
* Superior design – a load capacity that meets local standards & a fully hidden drive mechanism
* Eco-friendly solution – minimizes evaporation and heat loss from the pool when not in use
* Reduce cleaning time – protects pool from harsh weather and debris

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