A breathtaking project on a remote island

December 7th, 2022

Can you guess which one?

A thousand miles offshore in the Western Indian Ocean, you’ll find the Seychelles: a chain of exotic islands known for their granite mountains and white sands. To the West is Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania. To the South, Madagascar. And to the East, an endless expanse of ocean.

Zoom in far enough on this remote archipelago and something surprising will be revealed: a cliffside swimming pool with an Akvo movable floor.

While many companies speak to their global presence, we are uniquely proud of our prolific work in various markets. From the Bahamas and Australia to Denmark and Hong Kong, nothing can keep us from sharing our solutions with the world!

Seychelles spotlight: when every square foot counts

On an island, especially when it’s as small as this one, usable space is worth its weight in gold. There’s a very limited amount of land to work with, so property owners need to make the most of what they have.

This project, which involved a pool perched on a cliff, is a shining example of Akvo’s capacity for customization. We installed a movable floor in a tailor-made shape – featuring sleek, gorgeous angles – that took into account the shape of the home and the landform itself, creating an extra 50 m² of usable outdoor surface.

Now, the homeowner and their guests can enjoy the property’s breathtaking panoramic views two ways: while wading in the pool, or while using that very same footprint to sit, dine, and drink in some sun.

Movable Pool Floor – Private Residence in Seychelles

*Pool surface: ±50 m²
*Length: ±12 m
*Width: ±6.6 m
*Travel: ±1.6 m
*Shape: irregular diagonal (custom design to follow both the shape of the house and the cliff)
*Steps: diagonal
*Finish: Exotic wood
*Filtration: infinity edge towards the cliff
*Static loading: 250 kg/m²
*Spiralift: 7x IL150 units
*Speed: 100 mm/min


* Maximum safety – closes the pool when not in use 
* Water depth on demand – allows for a wide range of aquatic activities
* Space-saving – a deployable patio doubles living space within the same surface area 
* Superior design – provides a high load capacity floor with a fully hidden drive mechanism
* Eco-friendly solution – minimizes evaporation and heat loss from the pool when not in use
* Reduce cleaning time – protects pool from harsh weather and debris

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